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Healing from Within.

When you have a problem, getting help is a sign of courage, not weakness or failure – Academy Award-winning actor Ben Affleck.

The actor made this statement after he recovered from substance abuse years ago, giving a strong message to all those who are addicted to some of the other vices or are suffering from a mental health issue.

One of the major public health problems, today is depression. It set in long before the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic and the resultant isolation only triggered it further. Substance abuse on the other hand can be traced to the last century.



While it is natural to feel sad or experience other negative emotions at times, if it lingers consistently for a prolonged period, then it spells trouble and calls for professional help. Generally, it is advised that if such feelings continue for two weeks, the person should seek professional help. Unfortunately, we neglect our mental health the most. Overcoming substance abuse essentially requires professional help lest it manifests once again.

Realizing the bevy of harmful effects that drug and alcohol abuse bring with them, they need to establish rehab centers that assumed paramount importance. There are rehabilitation centers for the aged, handicapped, serious illness, injury, and surgery as well. Some rehabilitation centers are also gender-specific.

The quantum leap in the number of depression-related cases also gave rise to various new avenues for sharing and getting the congestion off one’s chest. Vent Friends, for instance, is a new concept that helps the depressed person to vent out feelings to someone who is unknown to them but is patient and non-judgmental. However, these solutions can resolve the issues only if addressed in the primary stages. The severe cases need professional help from rehabilitation centers designed especially for people with mental problems and alcohol or substance abuse.

Whether you are battling with substance or alcohol abuse or are a patient with mental disorders or medical issues, rehab centers can help you bounce back to normal living.

Realizing that there is a problem is the first step. Once this has been realized seeking professional help is the second step. Rehab centers treat patients with customized plans, to give back the quality of life through trained therapists, counselors, nurses, volunteers.

When a person goes to a rehabilitation center, a customized plan is prepared for treatment based on the discussion with him/her and the history of the patient. This is followed by medication, therapy, counseling, group discussions, etc. Discussing similar experiences with peers, sharing problems help in motivating one to get healed knowing that he/she is not alone. And group motivation helps in positive outcomes of the treatment.



A holistic approach towards the entire rehabilitation process goes a long way in treating the patient successfully. Patients’ willpower and family support are equally important to achieve long-term solutions.

There are many rehab centers that have excellent infrastructure to soothe the troubled minds of the patients in addition to experienced therapists. Providing the right ambiance and counseling the patients towards normalcy are the prime objectives of these centers.

We at Insights Care, handpicked few such rehabilitation centers that are doing yeoman service in healing alcohol and substance abusers, mental health patients, and those with medical issues. Read to learn more about these centers in our latest edition – 10Most Promising Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2021.

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